Wanted: Quirky Ideas

If I hadn’t gone to previous Northwest Christian Writer’s Conferences and made connections, I wouldn’t have been sitting there meeting with a magazine editor. I agreed to go to his appointment to help a conference staff member and fellow writer welcome the newcomer. I said “yes” so he wouldn’t feel left out as men and women wishing to break into publishing flocked around those they thought could help.

So there I sat thinking that this editor and I really couldn’t help each other. Relaxing enough to meld with my plastic chair, I smiled, ready to listen and learn what I could. He looked at me, “Do you write anything besides novels?”

“Sure. I’m always jotting down quirky inspirational thoughts I have.”

He leaned forward, a sure sign that either he was blocking a hockey puck, or curious, “Coincidentally, that is exactly what we are looking for.” He handed me his card and took mine. “I’ll put you on the mailing list. Next quirky thought you have, send it in.”

Easy enough. I sent in the next oddball thought I had, and an e-mail came back simply saying, “Sold.” Imagine that – selling quirky ideas for money. Even better, I was getting my modern-day parables in print, helping people get perhaps a different perspective on miracles, on leadership, on road rage.

I’d love to tell you that all that has supported me in style… or even paid for the conference. It hasn’t. Still, I’ve learned from the funny man of Vista, as well as the many people teaching and roaming the halls of the conference. Where might all those bits of information, those connections lead? Only God knows.

Kathleen Freeman has been writing since elementary school, when she found that a well turned short story, essay or poem had the power to make a teacher forgive her for not listening. She most enjoys writing fiction novels with enough truth in them to raise eyebrows.

Her work has appeared on Raising Small Souls and will appear in Vista magazine April 11, 2010, April 18th 2010 and April 10, 2011.

The Northwest Christian Writers Renewal takes place May 7-8 in Bothell, Washington. For more information go to our website at www.nwchristianwriters.org/events.html

If you’d like to share your experiences about a previous Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, email webmaster@nwchristianwriters.org

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