Summer Challenge Plan



LeeAnn Bonds applies NAIWE’s (National Association of Independent Writers and Editors) challenge to her writing goals.

Wring every bit of juice out of this summer, that’s what I want to do!

NAIWE’s 2010 Summer Challenge provides a handy framework for my writing. From NAIWE:

  1. Read three books that will stretch your mind and inspire your creative spirit.
  2. Finish one project that’s been nagging at you for longer than you care to admit.
  3. Brainstorm a new project that will bring you an additional stream of income, then take the first step to make it happen.

My Personal Plan:

I will read:

 SELF-EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS by Renni Browne and Dave King. My novel is written, and needs a thorough edit before sending it to agents, editors, and publishers, oh my. Ah, yes, and this is connected to the “finishing” challenge further down.


ONE YEAR TO A WRITING LIFE: TWELVE LESSONS TO DEEPEN EVERY WRITER’S ART AND CRAFT by Susan M. Tiberghien. She starts with journaling, which is nice and non-threatening, then moves slowly through essays, short stories, dialogue, fairytales, poetry, memoirs…but I’ll just think about the journaling for now.


ULTIMATE PROOF OF CREATION by Dr. Jason Lisle. Apologetics is central to my writing mission. There’s no doubt that this book will stretch my mind!

I will finish:

My first novel is ALMOST ready. This summer I will edit AND pitch it to at least one agent. I will keep pitching until someone loves it. I will use my Sonar3 program to keep careful track of who I send it to and how long they’ve had it. I will NOT GIVE UP until I’ve racked up a respectable number of rejection slips.

Finishing the project = submitting the book until it’s sold (or until it becomes painfully, plainly obvious it is destined for some other…destiny.)

I will brainstorm:

Time to tackle all those random ideas that float through my brain and drift off, never to be seen again. Time to pin them down, define them with ink and pixels and hold them for further questioning. I will analyze the ideas, narrow down the list, and select a promising candidate. I will make a plan and start it rolling by September 22, the last day of summer!

Will you accept the challenge?  What will your goals be? Follow the link to see NAIWE’s challenge which was a blog post on June 9, 2010.   


LeeAnn’s post first appeared June 19, 2010 on Katalambano!  Reposted with permission by LeeAnn Bonds.

LeeAnn joined NCWA in January of 2010.  She has been writing for about five years.  Her articles have been published in Idaho Magazine and BackHome Magazine.  Her short story, “If He Should Gather His Breath,” was published online. She’s polishing her first novel, a spec-fic adventure story, and she is the Bible Basics editor at BellaOnline. Mom to two grown sons, LeeAnn lives in the woods of north Idaho with her scrumptious husband.


One thought on “Summer Challenge Plan

  1. What a great plan! I find that if I don’t have specific goals like you outline things tend to happen by accident. Thanks for sharing this. And add, Prayer, Persistence, and Patience 🙂


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