Blogging Whirlpool

Time alone with GOD.  Family, friends, summer reading, vacations, swimming.  Cool breezes on sultry days.  BBQs, zucchini, melons, blackberries.   Swatting summer flies as summer flies by. 

Ah, the joy of balancing it all with…work-writing journals-writing deadlines-returning phone calls-emails, and–oh yes!  Don’t forget to write on your blog!  Oh, and to read all those fascinating and inspiring blog posts in your feeder.

I “subscribe to” and “feed” far more blogs than I have actual time to read.  So many blogs, so many posts, so little time.   Remember when you didn’t know what a blog was, or why you might want one?  

Have you dipped your toes into the pool of blogging? Do you feel that you’re slipping into a whirlpool as you decide to blog or not to blog?  How do you start, how to get readers.  Do you even want readers?  Do-it-yourself, or get professional help?

Or do you spend a lot of time researching web sites to see who is blogging; and what they are blogging about?  Scrolling through posts that chronicle “the path of my pet slug sliming through a garden” while you’re looking for one that will inspire and encourage your writing journey?

NCWA blog is compiling a “Members blog roll.”  As NCWA grows, we’d like to get to know everyone better.  Let us know if you’ve found a NCWA member blog  that inspires, encourages or gives fabulous advice.  Then, please leave a comment with the url (“web address”) copy/pasted into your comment.  

We’ll look at it, and if we agree, we’ll contact the author for permission and add the link to our list.  No fair promoting your own! 

Although you may be reading a great blog about “Slick, The Slimey Slug”, please recommend only those that relate to: our members,  a walk with GOD, a writing journey, or a combination of the three.  The blog should be regularly maintained (new posts at least monthly).

To start us off, you’ll notice new blogroll categories in the lower right hand corner of this page.  These are authors who’ve already given permission us permission to post their info.

Connie Mace has been an NCWA member since 2009. She is a mom, grandma and preschool teacher. She hopes to draw readers to a closer walk with GOD through her writing. Visit her web site at:


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