Jesse Florea on Writing for Kids

This video interview with Jesse Florea, Managing Editor of Clubhouse at Focus on the Family was filmed at the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal Conference in May of 2010. Jesse told me two interesting stories about remembering to follow up on your ideas and writing for kids that I wanted to share.

Watch the interview here to hear about the “Story That Got Away” and “Success Through Hiring a 12 Year Old Editor”

Jesse Florea is the Managing Editor of Clubhouse, a Focus on the Family publication. He’s co-written several books (including GROWING UP SUPER AVERAGE, THE ONE-YEAR DEVOS FOR SPORTS FANS, and THE ONE-YEAR EVERYDAY DEVOTIONS, all with Tyndale). He lives with his wife and two children in Colorado Springs.


Dennis Brooke writes about Almost True Stories of Life at He’s been a member of NCWA for three years and currently serves as Vice-President and Webmaster.


4 thoughts on “Jesse Florea on Writing for Kids

  1. Wow, great interview. I received this post exactly 2 seconds after I had emailed Jesse Florea, following up on an article he requested at the Renewal conference (which I did send in!) 🙂


  2. Great interview. I met Jesse a few years ago at the Writers Renewal and have been writing for Clubhouse since. My grandkids help me test the recipes I submit, and I pay them as recipe testers. My five grandkids also provided lots of stories for my new release (end of Sept.), Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting: For Grandparents at Any Stage of the Journey. I started a blog for grandparents here:

    Dennis, I look forward to more of your interviews. I benefitted from the one with Nick Harrison, too. Thanks.


  3. Thank you for this lively and clear message. It inspires me to carry through on an idea for a children’s article I’ve been thinking about. Bless you.


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