Concise is In

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley (Doc Hensley) will give writers the benefit of his vast knowledge and experience at the American Christian Writers Conference, September 24-25, 2010, in Spokane. Details following this post.

Today’s busy readers want quicker reads, and periodical editors generally are looking for shorter manuscripts. To achieve this goal, eliminate anything that does not bear fruit. Here are some  ways to slash deadwood as you edit your first drafts:
Cut Wordy Delays – Example: There are many students who should not be in college. The italicized words delay the subject and can be deleted from the sentence without losing any of the meaning:  “Many students should not be in college.”
Condense Wordy Phrasing – Example: He spoke to me concerning the matter of my future (use about): “He spoke to me about my future.”
Use Precision Words – Example: She told a story that no one could believe. Instead, use a strong adjective: “She told an unbelievable story.” (This change eliminates four words.)
Eliminate Redundancies – Example: Large in size, red in color, biography of her life, repeat again, continue on, return back, recur again, sunset in the west, changed places with each other, I thought to myself
Use Shorter and Fewer Words – Example: extensive conflagration (big fire); higher institution of learning (college); a substantial segment of the population (many people); rejoined in the negative (said no); discharged his financial obligation (paid).
Slashing the deadwood from your manuscript results in fewer words, stronger writing, and more sales.
 Copyright 2010 Dennis E. Hensley. Used with kind permission.

With over 50 books and 3,000 articles to his credit, Dr. Dennis E. Hensley knows the secrets to getting published. As director of the Professional Writing Major at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, Doc helps students become published their freshman year.

Diana Savage says: This is just a taste of the valuable information Doc Hensley will present for two full days at the American Christian Writers Conference, September 24-25, 2010, in Spokane. Other presenters include James Watkins and Christine Tangvald.

Find out more at: Savage Creative Services, LLC


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