Rejection/Re-direction/Re-try/No Reply


piles of paper Pictures, Images and Photos

Finished! Labored and toiled.

Poured heart, mind, energy, time, sweat into your written work.

Research, imagination,days when no words surfaced.

Days when ideas bubbled over onto the page.

Queries, proposals,

permission, submission,

click “send.”

Now wait…


Whatever happens at this point you’re in good company.

The realm of writers-in-waiting.

So what do writers-in-waiting do?

We write about it!

At “The Kill Zone”, James Scott Bell blogged about rejection:

At “GeistWrite”, Julie Geistfeld blogged about rejection:

At “Rants and Ramblings”, Rachelle Gardner replied to Julie’s post about rejection:

We know there are more out there.  Let’s encourage one another.

Feel free to comment with a link or with your own example of “Rejection/Re-direction/Re-try/No Reply.


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