My Easy-Bake God

Amy Letinsky shares insight about writing for GOD.

I caught myself worshiping an Easy-Bake oven.

Easy-Bake ovens have been around for years. I had one. My mom had one. The principle is simple. Follow the directions on the packet of Easy-Bake ingredients, pour it into the Easy-Bake pan, shove it in the Easy-Bake hole with the Easy-Bake stick, and watch a 75 watt light bulb do the cooking.

 After a whole 30 minutes, your lumpy, doughy cake emerges. Then, you get to feed it to your parents, who gleefully accept it and promptly hide it in the nearest potted plant.

Maybe these aren’t as popular as when I was a kid. After all, girls aren’t getting trained in domesticity as much. For playtime, they get Insurance Adjuster Barbie and CEO dress up clothes.

Provided you follow the instructions, it’s hard to mess up Easy-Bake cooking. Each recipe has 2 ingredients: mix and water.

I caught myself treating God like my old Easy-Bake Oven. I wanted something: to get a specific book published. Lined up all the required ingredients, the ones that I’d read about.

Prepared exactly as directed and shoved them in the oven, expecting my perfect product to come out. Instead, I didn’t get my book published and my Easy-Bake God didn’t work it out for me.

“Why can’t it just be easy?” I asked Him.

God reminded me of my little oven and its cakes. I don’t want a God who works like that. Not only does the product stink, the process gets old in a hurry. You can only Easy Bake for so long; then you grow up and want an Electrolux.

God’s not going to do what I want, just because I found the winning combination of words and actions. He’s not a kitchen appliance. He’s a father, who listens to his child, but doesn’t give her every single thing she asks for. Even if He does, the child often has to work hard.

So, when I catch myself wanting this whole process to be easy, I’ll remember how awful those little cakes tasted, and look forward to savoring the sweet taste of success, God’s way.

Update: 2010

Since I wrote this post in 2008, God has been slowly working on me and my writing, especially my publishing goals.  The book I was referring to is still in my filing cabinet, but God chose to use it in another way. 

I was asked by my church to assist in a ministry that needed the precise tools and information which I’d carefully crafted into book form. 

The church had no idea that I’d written about it.  So, God’s hand was using my work, even though it didn’t look the way I’d imagined. 

I’m still working on my writing craft, following God’s calling, and recognizing that books might not be the only finished project to come out of the book writing process.


 This post first appeared on Amy’s blog on May 19, 2008. Used by kind permission.

Amy Letinsky writes a little of everything, mostly for her blog  and for her online classes, where she teaches English composition and literature to college students across the country.


4 thoughts on “My Easy-Bake God

  1. A great lesson, especially for those of us prewired to try to control things ourselves. Althought we focus on the destination the journey itself is amazing and almost all unplanned.


  2. That’s awesome about how God used the information in your book!I had an Easy Bake Oven too, and I certainly have struggled with similar things–like working and praying over a novel for the past ten years! This summer I read Lynnette Bonner’s book, Rocky Mountain Oasis, and the way that she has the Holy Spirit work in each character’s life helped me to find peace about my own publishing attempts. It’s not just about how perfect my words are; it’s about God’s timing for the publisher, the readers, and even the illustrator. He sees the big picture and we need to trust Him!


  3. Yea, don’t have to bury it in the potted plant/filing cabinet. So thankful for you. What great timing, too, when you are probably praying about balancing the mommy thing and the writing thing. Praise the Lord!


  4. Thanks for a great reminder Amy. I loved my own Easy Bake Oven so I related to your story. The gooey, drippy Easy Bake cakes just hadn’t been in the oven long enough.

    I think it is smart to step back and let our writing “cook” while God decides when the timer will go off to tell us it is finished.

    Then our story has a sweet flavor because it has been in God’s “oven” as long as He needed to make it the best piece of writing we can feed to our readers.

    I can smell the sweet fragrance of my latest work and I can’t wait to see how it tastes.

    God Bless.


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