How to Get Published–Panel preview

On Monday, November 1st, NCWA will host a panel discussion on “How to Get Published.”  This post introduces each member of the panel.

Judy Bodmer–Nonfiction and moderator

I have a rule: When I receive a rejection, I try to put my article or story in the mail within 24 hours. This turns those ugly thoughts of wanting to give up, being sure I must have made a mistake to think I could write, and worrying that I’m wasting my time into hope. Finding another magazine or publishing house can be hard when you’re feeling low, so when you first develop your idea, make a list of at least three places that could be possible markets and put them with your article or story. This way, when the first house rejects you, you have another place already scoped out.

Excerpt from  “Attitude is Everything” posted July 25, 2010 on Write to Inspire. Used by kind permission.

Judy Bodmer, the author of When Love Dies: How to Save a Hopeless Marriage, is the director of the 2011 Northwest Christian Writers’ Renewal (May 20-21).  Judy is also a mentor for the Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers’ Guild.


Laura Christianson – Blogs and Internet publications

A couple of good reasons to blog:

To develop a writing voice

Blogging gives you a public canvas on which to paint your words. You are actually publishing, baby! And people are reading your writing! As you paint with words, your honest, authentic, unique voice will begin to emerge.

To Establish an Online Presence

Because blogs are inexpensive and easy to set up and update, blogging converts are dumping static Web sites and making their blog their online home. Many blog platforms (such as, which I use) look like a Web site, but offer the interactivity that’s the hallmark of blogs.

Excerpts from 10 Good Reasons to Blog posted November 3, 2009 on Blogging Bistro. Used by kind permission.

Laura Christianson owns Blogging Bistro a Snohomish-based company that that helps individuals and businesses enhance their relationship marketing through Web sites, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.


Elizabeth Griffin –Newspapers/magazines

The month of October is one of our mutual favorites. Between the changing colors of the leaves, the annual search for a perfect pumpkin in the patch and lazy days watching football on TV, it’s a great time to slow down after a busy summer and take stock of what we want to accomplish in the last months of the year.

We’ve also discovered that it’s all too easy to get caught up in the drowsy pace of autumn and suddenly find ourselves knee-deep in the holiday season, wondering where the month — and our goals — went. We wondered, “Is there a way to stay motivated and keep a clear eye on what we want to get done before winter arrives?”

Excerpt: From the Editors’ Blog October 5, 2010, The Journal Newspapers

Elizabeth Griffin is co-editor and a writer for The Journal Newspapers, a freelancer for Christian Examiner, and the author of two books.


Lydia Harris– Articles/Columns

Writing articles is a great way to reach thousands of readers. Follow these steps to write and publish articles:

 1.  Choose a topic. Write what you know or research a topic that interests you.

2.  Find a market. Study market guides, such as Sally Stuart’s Christian Writers’ Market Guide,  and obtain guidelines and sample copies of magazines you’d like to write for. Study the magazines for content and writing style.

3.  Plan a rough outline of your article.

4.  If requested, query the magazine about the article before submitting. A well-written query letter is the best way to impress editors and pique their interest.

5.  Write the article according to the periodical’s guidelines.

6. Submit the article on speculation in the specified format.

 Then wait to see your name in print!

Lydia E. Harris writes for numerous publications, including Mature Years and Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse magazines.


Clint Kelly–Fiction

Stories have been teaching truth, and delivering the Good News of the gospel, since before Cain and Abel were pups. The most effective writers and speakers are those with a nose for “Once upon a time…”

People will sit still for stories. They will receive a nugget of truth when wrapped in a story that helps them understand the truth’s practical application. They will stay with you to the end when riveted by a story.

Does this mean you have to be as poetic as David, as spellbinding as Jesus or as imaginative as John the Revelator? Well, no. It does mean you need to understand how story can pump fresh blood into your words and ensure the pinpoint landing of your prayerfully considered message.

Clint Kelly is an adventure/thriller writer, communications specialist for Seattle Pacific University, and program coordinator for the Northwest Christian Writers’ Renewal. He and his lovely bride, Cheryll, reside in Everett, Washington.



3 thoughts on “How to Get Published–Panel preview

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  2. Thank you to each of the panel members who downloaded a whole lot of information for our members. It was a very helpful evening. We appreciate the time you took to share your success tips. Happy writing!


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