Reason to Write

Kathryn Lang helps NCWA writers explore our writing journey.

I began to write as a journey to make extra income. At least, this round of writing began that way. My real journey into writing began when I was closer to nine. I have always loved the written word. I enjoyed reading it and I enjoyed writing it – in the form of poems, journals, short stories and letters.

Then I grew up. Writing takes time, and it felt like I had less and less time to give. Money had to be made, but as a home school mom with small boys living in a rural community, there were not many options. So I made time to write.

The more that I wrote then the more I wanted to write. My passion for the written word had never left but now the smoldering ember was turning into a roaring flame. I began to make time to write.

Right now our financial times are tougher than ever and the only income that we have at this moment is through the writing. But now my passion over-rides the finances. I write because I have to write – I need to write – and not because the money is essential.

The more passion pushes my writing then the more opportunities open. I have discovered that if I give of my heart, with sincerity and without expectation, then the blessings find their way home.

Why do you write?

There is not one right answer and there are no wrong answers. The need to put words down is driven by different forces at different times in life. But understanding your own reasons will make it easier for you to guide your writing down the path that you desire to go.

Answer some of these questions:

Does the paycheck matter? Everyone that I know of wants to get paid, but is the paycheck the priority right now? Is sacrifice an option?

Are you willing to give up something else to be able to write? Where are your skills? Have you built your writing skills to a place where they can do what you want them to do?

What do you see for your writing one year down the road? Five years? Are you writing to write or writing to get somewhere?

Every journey is unique and personal and right for that one individual. Clarifying the journey will help you determine what step to take next. Discover your reasons for writing and you will begin to open doors that you never realized existed.


This post appeared December 18, 2009 on Author Haven. Reposted by kind permission.

Kathryn Lang lives a life that seeks out the silver lining. Her choice of optimism and encouragement has grown into a speaking and writing ministry that allows her to help others discover their own passions and pursue those passions with boldness.

Kathryn enjoys connecting with new people and learning from their experiences. Visit Kathryn’s website where you can find links to her writings and speaking engagements or find her on Facebook or Twitter at kathrynclang.


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