Platform Building 110: Hold Fast

Janalyn Voigt, Author of Novel Books, continues the series on Platform Building.

Many New Year’s resolutions, made in complete sincerity, go by the wayside soon after the turn of the year. How can you keep your writing goals and career plan from doing likewise?

Make Attainable Goals

We’ve already discussed setting attainable goals. To recap: make sure your expectations are realistic, balance your writing goals against other goal areas, and give each goal no more or less attention than it deserves.

An attainable goal:

  • lies within your power and does not hinge on anyone else’s permission.
  • can be measured in terms of waymarks and time.
  • breaks down into achievable steps.

Refer to Your Goals

The adage: out of sight, out of mind rings especially true for goals, which require active participation to bring about change. Some people enjoy change, but others find it harder to accept. Change is about losses and gains. Unfortunately, the losses often come first.

Count the cost when you establish your goals. Looking forward to the gains will help you past the losses. Perhaps you will have less personal time, for instance, but you will finally get that manuscript finished.

Whatever method you use to keep track of your goals, you’re more likely to stay on course if you refer to them on a regular basis. Review them often, and draw your daily activities from your goals.

Set Aside Times for Reflection

You can’t put goals on autopilot or fence yourself into a rigid structure with no flexibility. It’s not possible to know, in advance, all the twists and turns of life. For these reasons I make an annual date with myself to reflect upon, monitor, and reevaluate my goals.

You will change as you grow and your desires may evolve in a different direction than you thought they would. That fact can bring joy, if approached with a positive mindset. Ongoing change breathes new life into your writing. Allowing for the shifts of life will make you less frustrated when they happen.

Pray for Direction
Stable goals set their feet upon the Rock. Seeking God’s direction heightens the chances you’ll follow the best path. Sometimes that path can intimidate, or at the least, challenge you. Bear in mind that God won’t abandon you.


Decide where and when you will pray over, review and revise your goals. I suggest you schedule a retreat away from the distractions of life, perhaps in the company of one or two others doing the same, perhaps alone, for these purposes.

With this post, we’ve completed the groundwork needed to build a platform. Next time we’ll move to the next level, where we will take a look at the nuts and bolts of platform building.


This post appeared December 28, 2009 on Author Haven. Used by kind permission.

Janalyn Voigt writes  novel books.

DAWNSINGER, book one of her TALES OF FAERAVEN trilogy, will release with Port Yonder press. Her publication credits include Focus on the Family, Scripture Press and Pentecostal Evangel. Janalyn is affiliated with ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and has been a NCWA member since 2008.  Visit her website at


3 thoughts on “Platform Building 110: Hold Fast

  1. I am going to follow this. Very helpful. I have my goals from last year…tucked away somewhere. I ran across them once. I think I will need to put them where I can see them, pray over them, follow them


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