Schedule Your Life Plan Appointment Now

Have you ever wondered if you were truly on the right path? God says He has plans for us, plans to prosper and not harm, plans to give hope. But sometimes it’s hard to know if we are where God wants us.

For over ten years I sought publication for my novels. I attended writer’s conferences, critique groups, read numerous books and magazines, all towards one goal, getting my novel published.

I prayed that God would help me get published. I had close calls, requests for the entire manuscript, but it never went all the way. I cried, picked myself back up, tossed the old manuscript in the drawer, and set out to write a better book with the things I’d learned. Always with the prayer, this one God, let it be this one.

This past year, I came to a new place. I prayed a different prayer. I prayed that God would show me where He wanted me to be. Even if that meant giving up my dream of becoming a published author, I knew God’s plan would be the best. I surrendered myself to His will for the first time.

He answered quite clearly that I was to pursue publication. He opened doors and paved roads both professionally and personally. I know without a doubt, I am where He wants me to be. But only because I laid down my own will first.

My invite to you is to do the same. Sometimes we get so focused on a dream that we pray for its fruition without asking God if it’s what He wants. Seek Him first and foremost and I promise He will prosper you in ways you can’t imagine.

A literary agent now has my novel and has sent it to an editor. As I wait for a reply, I know God’s hand is on me and my novel. Though I still can’t help checking my email for an update more often than I’d like.


Melissa joined NCWA in 2010. She is a wife, mother, and a lover of quilts and things pioneer, but can’t resist flashy jewelry and cute purses. You can see a picture of her latest quilt top and excerpt of her novel at and visit her blog at

One thought on “Schedule Your Life Plan Appointment Now

  1. Right on – If we are to write, God will open the doors – but it is in His timing which is always the best. But the best part is we can continue to write while that happens – the goal: writing and leave the rest up to God.


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