What Fear Holds You Back?

Jim Rubart helps NCWA writers overcome fear.

Why did I wait?

My first novel, ROOMS, was published in April 2010.

It’s a dream I’ve had since I devoured the Chronicles of Narnia in 5th grade.

Here’s what I did with my writing in my teens and into adulthood:
•    I subscribed to Writer’s Digest
•    I bought books on writing prose and screenplays
•    I scribbled a few short stories
•    I went to writer’s workshops
•    In ’92 I wrote a Seinfeld episode with a buddy on a whim which ended up in the hands of a prominent L.A. TV writer who said we had true talent
•    I wrote Web sites, radio ads, brochures, letters and TV ads for a living

But my dream of writing a novel? I did nothing. NOTHING!

(Well, I did think about it. A lot. And carried around this sack of nine-hundred pound guilt because I knew I should be taking action.)

Finally in the spring of ’06 I went to my first writing conference. By summer I had three agents interested in repping me. In September of that year I signed with a fourth. A little less than two years later I had a contract for ROOMS.

Isn’t it Gretzky who says, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”? You nailed it, Great One.

Is your dream sitting in the back of a dark rusted shut drawer somewhere? What is it?

Grab the crowbar, let’s get moving.


At the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, May 20-21, 2011, Jim will conduct a workshop: “Creating a Unique Idea with Spiritual Heft.” Click on the link for more information and to register.


This post first appeared February 20, 2010 on Jim’s Blog. Used by kind permission.

James L. Rubart is the best-selling author of ROOMS and BOOK OF DAYS, married to the love of his life, and extremely proud of his two teenage sons. When he’s not dirt biking, water skiing or playing guitar, he helps people with their marketing through his company Barefoot Marketing. He lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest. Catch up with him at www.jimrubart.com



One thought on “What Fear Holds You Back?

  1. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement, James.

    I have been flat out lazy and frustrated at times, but I am still hacking away at a book proposal (that I received an “okay” from an editor to write 4 years ago). God’s grace is what carries us to completion…and a lot of encouragement along the way!


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