Bible Archaeology

Bob Cornuke will speak on “Living Your Story” at NCWA’s Renewal Conference in May.

In this post, he shares an outline of research methods at the BASE Institute (Bible Archaelogy Search and Exploration). The outline was part of a series of e-mail newsletters regarding Bible history research.

We believe that the highest degree of certainty should always be ascribed to the inspired and inerrant text of Scripture.  We also believe that each and every Christian is equipped with the potential to understand the message of Scripture for himself or herself, and that we are not dependent on a consensus of scholars or theologians for a clear understanding of the Bible.  Various sources like these, however, can, at times, help illuminate the truth that already resides in the Scriptures.

For these reasons, we have defined some basic premises on which all of the work at BASE hinges.  The following “highlights” will be the basis for subsequent newsletter articles:


1.       At BASE we believe the Bible to be the ultimate, best, and final word on all issues of biblical geography and history.

2.       At BASE we believe that the Bible provides many clues to its own geography that have yet to be carefully analyzed and reconciled to all other clues and geographic references in the Bible.

3.      At BASE we believe there must be one-and may be only one-way in which all the geographic clues, place names, and episodes of biblical history fit together without conflict or contradiction.

4.      At BASE we believe that some landmarks and archaeological sites to which biblical names have been assigned actually contradict biblical references to these and to related locations.  In such instances, the Bible must take absolute priority over tradition and/or scholarship.

5.      At BASE we believe the Bible’s testimony to itself is the final judge of archaeology and archaeological conclusions-not vice-versa.

6.      At BASE we believe that all sincere Christians who are willing to diligently pursue the Word of God possess the potential for discovering its reliable, accurate, and inerrant truth for themselves.

7.      At BASE we believe that every believer can acquire certain skills in Bible study that will allow them to seek-and thereby judge for themselves-the validity of geographical and historical issues in the Bible.


Don’t miss the chance to hear this fascinating speaker at the NCWA Renewal Conference in May.

Visit Bob’s website and the BASE Institute website.

Bob Cornuke is the author of  several books including:


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