Mick Silva Speaks in February!

Michelle Hollomon introduces Mick Silva to NCWA members.

If there is a meeting not to miss in 2011, it is February’s NCWA meeting on Monday the 7th. Mick Silva’s twitter profile reports him to be a “Former big-publishing book editor, now full-time book nerd. Sage father. Masterful husband. Blogger, novelist, and all around lucky dude.” I would add “Kindergarten-teacher-kind” to the list.

I first encountered Mick when my book proposal miraculously graced his desk at WaterBrook Multnomah press more than a year ago. He talked with me, worked with me and gave me some pointers on how to move through this publishing process. The icing on the cake came when he helped me prepare for a pitch I was giving by editing my first three chapters. We didn’t have a contract, and Lord knows he didn’t have the extra time. But with the kindness of a kindergarten teacher, he edited, taught and gave me the direction I needed.

Following 10 years’ experience as an acquisitions and developmental editor for WaterBrook Press, Focus on the Family, and Windblown Media, Mick Silva started YourWritersGroup.com to help new authors write, edit and connect for a higher purpose. By checking out his site, you may get lost in his blog musings much longer than you planned, as I have. They are, in deliberate Mick style, full of encouragement, industry insights and fresh opportunities to connect with other writers in a meaningful way.

Mick will treat us in February with “Don’t Command, Do Connect: What I Learned Building a Free Christian Publishing Community.”

On this topic, Mick writes, “We all know well-known authors command attention and respect and book deals fall out of their coat pockets. But there is another breed–the Connectors–who don’t deal in the same currencies. And their considerable talents make them a new force in the industry. I began YourWritersGroup.com in 2005 with high hopes the industry was changing. Wonderfully, now it is, and a new “elite” of connector authors is emerging. I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned about how they connect.”

Please join us for this special honor, Monday, February 7th at 7:00 pm and welcome Mick Silva to our group.


Michelle is an executive coach and licensed counselor with a private practice in Redmond. She has been a member of NCWA since 2010.

Michelle Hollomon, MA, LMHC, CPC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Professional Coach
Approved Clinical Supervisor • 425-999-9470

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