The Call of a Writer

Encouraging perspective from Kirk Kraft

Writers feel the call of the written word. They can’t deny it and it’s futile to fight it. We MUST write. There is no alternative. Oh, we can attempt to ignore it, comparing it to a fad which will soon fade away. But it doesn’t. It can’t.

If it were that easy to give up, why do so many commit to writing day after day? Certainly there are easier occupations to pursue. Why do we torture ourselves so, in the hope of seeing our words in print, picked up by someone in a bookstore or library and read with delight? We don’t do it for fame, for surely, most writers would scoff at that notion. So few hit “stardom” and even those that do work hard to achieve it.

No, writing for those of us committed to it, whether pre-published,  a debut author or a multi-published writer, agented or not, battle ourselves, our time, our deadlines to find the perfect word. I set daily word count goals. Some people set time goals. Some just write and don’t set any goals. The point is, we are all writing. To do otherwise would be to turn our backs on our gifting, for this is what it is.

Writing is our life, and the words we write our food, our sustenance, moving us from this day to the next with the hope our words will touch just one person. After all, if we wrote simply to entertain ourselves the fire wouldn’t burn so long.  The desire would eventually fade away. But to touch another life, to make someone consider different circumstances, or to simply help them escape harsh realities, that is why we write.

The heart of my writing is to share life.  A journey taken alone can become discouraging, but a road walked with many companions, that’s where joy can be found.

{this post is dedicated to all my writer friends}


This post originally appeared January 24, 2011 on Kirk’s writing blog: “Swings and Keyboards.”Used by kind permission.

From Kirk: “Gripped by the writing “monster” a husband and father of four attempts
to balance raising his children the best way possible while chasing his
dream of publishing. I’ve completed the first draft of a YA fantasy novel
and have nearly completed another. There’s no rest for a guy who also holds
a full-time day job. As I like to say, ‘sleep is overrated.'”

Kirk has been a member of NCWA since 2008.  He also writes a personal blog focused on his young daughter, Sarah who lives with biliary atresia.


5 thoughts on “The Call of a Writer

  1. “But to touch another life, to make someone consider different circumstances, or to simply help them escape harsh realities, that is why we write.”
    Yes Kirk that is exactly it!


  2. Thanks for sharing. I agree. We don’t write for riches or fame, but because of our desire to touch lives. We write the words, but God touches hearts through our words, and He blesses our obedience to His call. Keep writing.


  3. You have captured the essense of why I find myself, even now, sitting in front of a computer, searching for the right combination of words and the ability to become transparent enough to touch another life through my writing. Thank you for sharing your writing.


  4. Excellent comments – we are committed – and its that commitment that keeps us going – whether we are published or not. Thanks, Marlene


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