Recreate Through Pantomime

One ill placed cliché can wreck the feel of an entire piece!  Whereas a few realistic details can make a scene live in your readers’ minds.  Recreate through pantomime is the process of going into your memory banks, walking through the minute details of an experience, and then writing down exactly what occurred. 

 Try remembering a time when you received spectacular news.  How did you react?   What did you do with your hands?  Did you clutch at your heart, lift your arms in the air, or clap your hands together?  Go through the physical motions and then write down what actually happened. 

Laura Smith is a speaker and a writer of articles, devotionals, and short dramas.  She blogs regularly at and has recently released her first book: Questions from a Single Heart. Although a full-time professional, she is happiest when writing and speaking to women.  Web: 


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