Pressing Toward the Promised Land

Do you have a story, title, or topic you can’t get out of your head, a gift to grow, a message of hope, or desire to write that won’t go away? If you were to be successful is it something you would define your land of promise? Or at least one of the many fruit trees you hope to plant in the backyard of your portfolio. If so, you’ll be captivated by the message of God to Joshua. “Be strong and courageous!

What benefit is this to you? In what way are you to be strong and courageous? Be sure to visit the 5 minute video and be encouraged to press toward your land of promise. Only then will you be equipped as a “fighting” man or woman, a skillful artisan to go and do the same for another. Help them get across the river and secure what God has promised to them!


Cheryl Dore will be co-presenting a workshop at the NCWA Renewal Conference on May 20-21st. Be sure to register and invite your friends!

Cheryl is the Speakers Connection Coordinator for Northwest Christian Writer and Co-Founder of Womens Leadership Advantage. A growing network of peer mentors empowering women to live a life of intentional design and purpose. It’s our conviction that every woman is a gift and every gift counts. Visit the website at:

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The Northwest Christian Writers Association is an organization of writers providing instruction, encouragement, fellowship, critiquing, and networking. Its purpose is to develop excellent, professional writing that honors God and serves others.

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