Impressions of the 2011 Northwest Christian Writers’ Renewal

Agnes Lawless Elkins shares her reflections of this year’s conference.

Success! The best-ever conference, said attendees at the May 20–21, 2011, Northwest Christian Writers’ Renewal at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, Washington. One editor told co-directors Judy Bodmer and Clint Kelly, “The authors I met were a delight. This was a great conference.” Another said, “Your authors are especially well prepared.”

Colorful talks given by keynote speaker Dr. Robert Cornuke, president of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE), set the conference theme, “Living Your Story.” He told us how to turn our adventures into published stories.

On Friday morning, Carla Williams started the conference off on the right foot by explaining how to pitch ideas to editors or agents. Group editorial appointments and critique sessions took place throughout the rest of the day. I especially enjoyed Michelle Budzilowicz’s enthusiastic presentation for Highlights for Children. She asked several of us to send her our children’s stories.

Elective workshops filled most of the time on Saturday, plus a panel of editors and agents answered questions during a general session.

Since Steve Barclift, managing editor at Kregel Publications, was not teaching on Saturday, he held individual appointments throughout the day. I showed him my Kregel book, The Drift into Deception, which was published before he joined the editorial staff. That opened the door to my presenting ideas for two more books, and he urged me to send him the proposals.

I came away warmed by meeting old and new friends and excited about the doors the conference had opened.


Author and copy editor Agnes Lawless Elkins has had numerous articles published. Her nine books include The Drift into Deception(Kregel), Captivated by God (Gospel Light), and Under His Wings (Christian Growth Ministries). Agnes was a founding member of NCWA in 1990. © 2011 by Agnes Lawless Elkins. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Impressions of the 2011 Northwest Christian Writers’ Renewal

  1. I’m glad this was a great conference for you. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for writing with many of us. You’re a blessing.

    I look forward to seeing more of your writing in print!


  2. I thought it was a super conference! I especially enjoyed Bob Cornuke’s enthusiastic presentations. A great big THANK-YOU to Judy and Clint!


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