How to Make a Name for Yourself on Google

This is first in a series of fantastic tips for social media and website management by Laura Christianson of Blogging Bistro.

Need a quick and easy way to enhance your brand?

Ensure that your name appears in Google searches by creating a Google Profile.

  1. First, you need a Google account.
  2. Once you’ve got that set up, edit your profile.
  3. Enter your first and last name and check the box, “Display my full name so I can be found in search.”
  4. If you have a decent photo of yourself, upload it, because it’ll appear next to your listing (see image of my Google profile below):


You can include lots of other info about yourself:

  • The places you’ve lived
  • Schools attended
  • Companies worked for
  • Contact info
  • An extended bio, packed with keywords
  • Links to your Web site(s) and social media
  • …and more!

Normally, it takes a while for Google to begin indexing a site. Not so with your Google profile. As soon as I updated my profile, it immediately appeared as the #10 listing for the search term, Laura Christianson. [NCWA: Currently, the same search yields many references to Laura on several pages!]

You should also create a profile for yourself at Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing and at Yahoo, so you cover the major search engines.

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This post first appeared June 5, 2009 on Blogging Bistro. Used by kind permission.

A relationship marketer for over 25 years, Laura Christianson owns Blogging Bistro, a company that helps people enhance their Internet presence through Websites, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.  She’s the author of three books and enjoys mentoring emerging writers and teaching at writers’ conferences. An active member of NCWA since 2004, Laura lives in Snohomish with her husband, their two teenage sons, and two gigantic tomato plants.


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