Warning! If You Say the Word “Platform”, I’ll Deck You!

Cherrie Herrin-Michehl shares her conference reflection.

A few weeks after the conference, I met a fellow writer for coffee.  We began to discuss topics from the conference, and she started saying the “p” word. Platform.  I leaned toward her and almost decked her because I can’t stand that word anymore.  I think I’m allergic to it.

This harsh reaction to the word started at the 2011 conference and the “p” word was thrown around more often than your mom offers free unsolicited advice.  Grrrr…So now besides running my business and writing my blog, I need to build a blasted platform.  Also, I need to do laundry so my husband and I don’t have to wear Snuggies to work.  (He’s a great guy and I trust him with my life.  But not my laundry.)

Since platform shoes don’t cut it, I’ll ask my husband build me a platform because he’s a carpenter.  I’ll have him paint it purple and pink and put wheels on it.  It’ll have compartments to hide chocolate in.  Then when I get writer’s block or Severe Platform Discouragement, I can sneak a chocolate and feel better.  After all, wouldn’t that be easier than taking the time and trouble to build a real writer’s platform?

Fortunately, I did get a wealth of information at the conference to build my p-p-p- platform.   There.  I said it, although it was hard and I was shaking.  One of the most helpful ideas I learned at the conference was hiring a gifted, knowledgeable social media expert.  I have interviewed Laura Christianson and I’m really excited to use her services.  After all, I’m busy with my business, writing, and attending therapy to recover from my Severe Platform Discouragement.


Cherrie Herrin-Michehl, MA, LMHC, is a licensed mental health counselor practicing in Woodinville, WA.  A passionate writer and speaker, she is available for speaking engagements at conferences, church retreats, and seminars.  Recently Cherrie spoke on two prominent radio stations in the Seattle area on the subjects of body image (KOMO 1000) and pornography addiction (KGNW 820 AM, a Christian station). Cherrie is on the Board of Directors of Prodigals International.  She is currently writing a book called Fannies:  Reclaiming the Plunder of the Body Image Bandit. She has been an NCWA member since 2008. Visit her blogs at www.cherriemac.wordpress.com and www.cherriesotherblog.wordpress.com.


13 thoughts on “Warning! If You Say the Word “Platform”, I’ll Deck You!

  1. I am wondering if I was that person you wanted to deck…. haha! Great post and loved the part about the snuggies. Not that you were asking, but I wonder if this could be a help. Being in the same biz as you, I have started collecting e-mails and adding them to my e-mail list and send a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. It’s a “p-p-platform” type of thing without being too platformy. But the painted platform box with a hidden chocolate compartment sounds much more fun… 😉


    • Michelle,
      No, I didn’t actually want to deck anyone but the frustration you expressed with the word got me started on this piece! That’s a good idea. I need to start collecting emails. Right now I’m focusing on updating my blog every Thursday, as well as preparing my speech for churches.

      Hey, your book is coming out soon, isn’t it? Great job!


  2. Oh my. That is one of those hateful “p” words. There are others I will not mention. I loved this posting. I hate all the busy work I have to tend to before I can even write and that seems like a far off dream. Oh, Lord, send me a publicist! 8^)


  3. I loved Cherrie’s blog post! Hysterical! And honestly, I felt the same way at the Conference, I just wasn’t courageous enough to say anything. I thought it was me, you know, being a quasi-newbie and all that. What a hoot! Thanks for posting this funny, funny post.

    Sarah Moser


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