I’m From Here!

Where Are You From?

What sets you apart from other writers? What message has God given you to write that no one else can proclaim in exactly same way?

When the people of Israel finally entered the Promised Land, God gave them a choice: a blessing or a curse. It all depended on their level of obedience. It didn’t matter that they basically were from nowhere, having wandered in the desert for 40 years after being slaves in Egypt for four centuries. What mattered was what they did from then on. In essence, they faced a fresh, new word-document page to write what God told them to write

What has God called you to write? Whatever it is, your past provides the fuel for the task. Your past need not determine where you’ll go in the future. God has given you the power to choose. And we at NCWA will cheer you on all the way.


Diana Savage, M.T.S., has been a published writer since 1972, writing books, articles, short stories and poetry. Her for-hire writing includes professional newsletters, web-site copy, advertising copy, PR materials, grantwriting, and college-level curriculum. She also proofreads and copyedits for publishing houses. From 2005 to 2007 she served as president of Northwest Christian Writers Association and is a member of the NCWA Speakers Connection. Her website is Savage Creative Services.


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