What Every Author Should Know About Radio and Television Interviews

Michael Hyatt graciously shares his experience with NCWA.

If you are a published author—or plan to be one—you will inevitably be asked to appear on a radio, television, or Internet show to talk about your book. It’s critical that you learn to do this well. Assuming you have written a good book, nothing drives sales of it more than publicity.

I was personally thrown into the deep end of the pool with my first book. In the course of eighteen months, I did over 1,200 interviews. I appeared on all three major television networks plus CNN, as well as national and local radio and television. During that time, I went through three rounds of professional media training. It was total immersion. Baptism by fire.

More recently, I have sat on the other side of the table, interviewing authors. I have hosted the Chick-fil-A Leadership Backstage program for the last two years where I have had the privilege of interviewing the speakers after they spoke. In addition, I routinely interview authors for my own blog. Sadly, while most authors spend a lot of time honing their writing skills, very few hone their interviewing skills. As a result, their books do not sell as well as they should.

Therefore, based on my experience as both an interviewee and an interviewer, I would like to offer ten suggestions for improving your interview skills:

To read more: What Every Author Should Know About Radio and Television Interviews.


This post first appeared June 23, 2011 on Michael’s blog:  Michael Hyatt/Intentional Leadership. Used by kind permission.

Michael Hyatt is Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers. See his blog for a detailed biography and credentials.


4 thoughts on “What Every Author Should Know About Radio and Television Interviews

  1. Very timely post- Ive done some media training and I got several things from it- but most importantly- I found out I needed a lot more practice! This is a good reminder.


  2. Well NCWA- you’ve done it again! You’ve completely figured out what I needed and helped me accomplish my goals! I’ve got a couple of radio interviews coming up, and needed some expertise. I went straight to the blog and found this article to help me prepare. Thank you for your service to this community of writers!


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