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On the last Friday of each month, NCWA blog will post notes from our small groups which meet around the area. See submission info at end of post.

The Christian Fiction Group meets the third Monday of every month at 7pm at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship – 3003 York Road, Everett, WA 98204. Any NCWA member who is interested in learning more about fiction writing is welcome to attend. The meetings are pot-luck.

The first meeting of the Christian Fiction Group was a big success all the way around. The seven of us who attended are very excited to see the good things that will come about through this group. We should never be content with writing that is simply “good enough” but continually strive to improve our craft, and that is what this group is about – with a focus toward fiction.

This first gathering allowed us to get acquainted with each other, learn what types of fiction we each write, and look to the future to see what we’d each like to get out of the group. (Not to mention eating lots of delicious food.)

Mindy Peltier kindly offered to share the notes she will take at each meeting with anyone who would like to see them, so if that is something you are interested in, feel free to email her.

The group is looking for speakers to come and share with us. So if you have an area of expertise related to fiction – dialogue, POV, hooks, description, showing vs. telling, or anything else – please contact either Lesley McDaniel or Lynnette Bonner and we’ll see if we can get you plugged into our schedule.

Next month we will have Lynnette Bonner teaching how to create a winning fiction proposal, and Mindy Peltier sharing one of her favorite organizational tools- OneNote.

Submitted by Lynnette Bonner.


Lynnette writes from the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and four children. She loves to hear from readers and writers alike. Her first novel, ROCKY MOUNTAIN OASIS, debuted summer 2009.  Lynnette has been a member of NCWA since May of 2008.

Visit her website and her blogs: Writer’s Journey and Author Culture.

Let others know about your group! Please email submissions to Connie Mace at blogservant@nwchristianwriters.org


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