How many errors can you find in this bit of prose?

Who wood have guest

The spell chequer wood super seed

The assent of the editor

Who was once a mane figure?


Once awl sought his council;

Now, nun prophet from him.

How sure the job was;

It was all sew fine…


Never once was he board

As he edited each claws,

Going strait to his deer work

Where he in cysts on clarity.


Now he’s holy unacceptable,

Useless and knot kneaded…

This is know miner issue,

For he cannot urn a wage.


Two this he takes a fence,

Butt nose naught watt too due.

 He’s wade each option

Of jobs he mite dew,

But nothing peaks his interest

Like making pros clear.


Sum will see him silly

For being sew upset,

But doesn’t good righting

Go beyond the write spelling?


6 thoughts on “Ex-chequer

  1. I remember a day in my old critique group (with Judy Bodmer and other beloved friends) handing out a manuscript I’d written using voice activated software.

    Unwittingly I had introduced typos like these (I called them speakos!) and hadn’t caught them. What was funny was that some of the sentences almost made sense–but not quite! It caused some temporary confusion and laughter for our group. I desperately miss that group and NCWA now that I live in Iowa!


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