Plug in Your Power Tool—Prayer!

Lydia E. Harris encourages NCWA writers to form a prayer team.


We can write words, but only God can touch hearts through them. That’s why we need prayer support as we write. Several years ago I realized this need and asked others to pray for me. If you want to plug in this incredible power tool and enlist prayer support, take these steps.


Prayer Power Tool

Pray First, Then List Names

Who could pray for you? Ask God for discernment. Consider relatives, friends, church members, and fellow writers. By e-mail, you can contact people around the world. List individuals who are mature in the faith, keep their commitments, and take an interest in your writing.

God provided a dozen faithful prayer warriors for me. They rejoice in my successes and encourage me during setbacks. But mainly, they pray. And that’s where the power lies—connecting with God Almighty in prayer.

Contact Potential Prayer Partners

After you’ve made a list, graciously ask these people to consider joining your prayer team. Also tell them what their commitment would involve and what yours would be. But give them freedom to say no. I asked my prayer team to pray for me once a week for one year. In return, I promised to use my writing time wisely and send regular updates.

Send Writing Updates

Your updates could be weekly, monthly, or as needed. I started with monthly e-mails, but prayer needs came up more often. Now I aim for weekly contact.

In your updates, start with answered prayers. I call this section “Give thanks” and list ways God helped me and blessed my writing. Sharing answers gives God glory and motivates my team to keep praying. Also, God values a grateful heart.

There are numerous ways to record God’s answers, so choose one that works for you. I look back at previous requests and include answers in future updates.

After my “Give thanks” section, the “Please pray” portion follows with five or six requests. I list specific writing, speaking, and teaching needs and may include requests for editors, publishers, and readers.

Express Appreciation

Besides thanking God for your prayer team, it’s also important to thank them for praying. I often begin updates with, “Thank you for praying,” and end with, “I couldn’t do this without your prayer support.”

Occasionally I send thank-you notes or small gifts by regular mail. If your team supports you while writing a book, list their names in the acknowledgments page and offer them a free copy.

Also, don’t assume the prayer warriors will pray forever. Ask them each year if they wish to continue.

Return the Favor

Pray for your prayer team and other writers. If another writer asks you for prayer support, say yes if possible. And as you send updates to your team, sometimes include a written prayer for them.

Prayer is a high calling. Right now “Christ Jesus . . . is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us” (Romans 8:34 NIV). What a privilege to follow his example and pray for others.

Reap the Benefits

I’m grateful God nudged me to form a prayer team. They have prayed for me through joy and tears, rejections and acceptances, and writing a lengthy Bible study for grandparents. Now they uphold me as I promote my book. Their support not only motivates me to write and persevere, but it also gives me courage to tackle God-sized projects. Their prayers have truly blessed me in countless ways.

If you don’t already have a prayer team, follow these steps and tap into this divine source of power. Then watch God work through prayer!

TweetHow to plug in this incredible power tool and enlist prayer support for your writing.


Lydia Harris has published hundreds of articles, devotionals, book reviews, columns, stories, and recipes. She is also the author of Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting. For more information:


13 thoughts on “Plug in Your Power Tool—Prayer!

    • You’re welcome. God works through prayer–ours and those of others. I might have quit writing during discouraging times if I didn’t have prayer support. I’m thankful for my prayer team. They are like the wind beneath my wings.


  1. Thanks, Lydia, for the encouragement and for explaining how you formed your prayer team. This is something I need and plan on starting up soon! God bless you for your wise words!


    • You’re welcome, Susan. Starting a prayer team is a good New Year’s goal. Others will be blessed as they pray and see God’s answers. Because they sow prayers, they will also reap the harvest of God’s work through their prayers.


  2. Thank you for reminding me of the one activity that I often overlook in striving to write: prayer support of others. I usually rely on my prayers alone which often get on the back burner.
    Asking others is another form of accountability that I need.
    Thanks again for stirring me onward. Sharon


  3. I formed a prayer team as I wrote for my first manuscript last month. They prayed for me while I was at a writing retreat. I look back at what I accomplished that weekend and in order to get that manuscript done in such short order and I know I couldn’t have done it without them. God definitely touched my heart with His words. Now I’m praying that He will touch others with it. It is such a privilege to partner with Him and with my prayer team to write for His glory.


  4. Lydia,

    Thank you for this post. I’d been thinking about asking a few people to be on a writing support team for me, but hadn’t actually done it yet (I don’t want to be a bother, etc.), so your post was perfectly timed to encourage me out of my fear and into action. I need people praying for my words, and I’m so glad you gave me permission to ask them to do just that!



  5. Thank you for reminding us of of our ultimate “power tool”.
    While reading your article, I imagined a prayer team heading out in the Spirit, removing any spiritual obstacles or hinderances that may exist, and “clearing the way”.

    My blog is hardly off the launch pad, but as I was composing a prayer for my opening post, I saw your article via a Chrome app/ext that I just installed, called “Zemanta”. Your piece popped up in a “Related Articles” list and caught my eye. (It also displays a media gallery of text-relevant images. Seems like it could prove handy. :))

    Again, thanks for taking the time to write this post.

    May God’s grace and peace be upon you and your readership.


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