Wordles, Clouds and You

How often do you use the same words in your writing?

In blogworld, wordles

are tag clouds

which are word clouds.



The wordle above

(but not the world above, keep up with me here)

was created by Wordle,

after I typed in our blog url.


Writers love words,

and one picture is worth a thousand,

so perhaps a thousand words

would make a mind boggling wordle?

Sorry, I digress…


So if you’ve hit a writer’s block,

and need another way to look at your words,

try a wordle!

One caveat…you’ll need Java on your computer

and you can’t use what’s in your cup.


Also Firefox or Chrome

works (but according to creator Jonathan Feinberg)

Explorer…doesn’t cut it.


3 thoughts on “Wordles, Clouds and You

  1. That is very interesting. It looks like the word we use use the most is WRITING and the second most used “word” is the acrosym of our organization NCWA. I see we must have a lot of Michael’s on her blog as well. And thank you to Dennis who stays active on the blog too. I will be playing with Wordles for awhile. Thanks for the tip.


    • It is fun Gigi.

      I’m not sure exactly how this one pulled up the info, because all I typed in was the blog url, so I don’t know if it pulled from the whole home page (including side links) or if it goes deeper into older posts also…


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