When the Bible Informs Writing by Les Stobbe

NCWA welcomes Les Stobbe!

I was flying to Minneapolis in 1973 as editor of Moody Press to visit with professors at Bethel College and Seminary, also speaking in chapel to the college’s students, when the Holy Spirit introduced me to four verses of the Bible, Luke 1:1-4, that changed my understanding of effective writing.

Though I have gained other insights on writing from the Bible since then, “Earning the Right to Be Published” takes writing conference participants on a tour of the Gospel of Luke like no preacher ever did. From those four verses I gleaned five principles that must guide all Christian writers.

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An active Literary Agent for 19 years and Executive Editor of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, Les Stobbe also serves as director of International Christian Writers. He has been denominational editor, newsletter editor, book editor, book club vice-president, CE Journal editor, curriculum managing editor, and president of a book publishing house. He has written curriculum, journalism lessons, 14 books and hundreds of magazine articles. He loves working with writers of both non-fiction and fiction. His website is at www.stobbeliterary.com

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