I’ve Written A Song! Now What?

NCWA welcomes songwriter Lynn DeShazo in part one of a two part series.


As a songwriter, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like those moments when the Spirit of God drops a new song into your heart. Some days you sit at your desk with an idea and just struggle trying to put words to the stirrings of your heart. You know what you want to say, but you just can’t seem to make the words and music come together in your mind quite the way your heart senses it. You are very thankful when eventually you find your way through the creative maze and you’re able to finish what you started.

Then there are those days when it all seems to come together much more easily. You almost feel like you’re just taking down heavenly dictation. Those are great moments, aren’t they? You really feel like the song you’ve written was a gift to you, especially if you’ve never written a song before. It is only natural, then, to want to share that gift with others. You may ask yourself, “what should I do with my song?” I hear that very question on a regular basis, so I’d like to address it in this article.

Which Way Did Elvis Go?

First of all, you need to recognize that your song may be the Lord’s voice of encouragement specifically to you. The song you hear is His expression of love for you and meant uniquely for you. Or you may find that the song is really the cry of your own spirit to love and worship God. It was never intended for the public to hear. It is your own unique song to the Lord. It’s not important that such a song hold up to the rigors of music publishing standards. The Lord delights to hear you sing it to Him, and that’s all that matters!

Perhaps, though, you’ve felt the urge to share your song with others and have done so. You’ve found that it was truly appreciated by them and received as a blessing. You may have even been encouraged by your Christian brothers and sisters to “do something with that song!”

You begin to feel the weight of responsibility. Sigh…you want to do the right thing, but what? Should you make a recording of it? Send it to a music publisher? Try and put a demo in the hands of Joe Worship Leader’s road manager? I believe that the phrase “do something with that song” loosely translates into “You need to get Elvis (or current equivalent) to record your song!”

Well, not necessarily. Our friends tend to love our songs because they love us. They are wonderfully encouraging about our efforts, but are not always knowledgeable about songwriting.

My mother, for example, used to display all my school artwork on the refrigerator because she loved me, not because it was great art! Listen, if you are stepping out to share God’s love with people through your songs by simply singing them as you have opportunity, then you are doing something! Sharing your songs with those in your circle of friends and contacts was the right thing to do! Be at rest, for God promises that He will direct your steps as you trust in Him with all your heart. (Proverbs 3:5-6)


Part two of Lynn’s article will appear on May 31st. Click here to view the full article from Lynn’s website. Used here by kind permission.

Lynn DeShazo has been involved in worship ministry for over thirty years. She was an exclusive songwriter for Integrity Music for twenty-two years. Lynn has also produced ten of her own music recordings to date and a book, More Precious Than Silver: The God Stories Behind the Songs of Lynn DeShazo. Click here to visit her website.


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