2012 Workshops Revisited: “Basic-Bare-Bones Blogging and Networking”

Missed a workshop at the conference? Lost your handouts? We’re here to help! This summer, NCWA will highlight 2012 Renewal Conference workshops with links to handouts (pdf) and ordering the CD’s.

Today’s feature: “Basic-Bare-Bones Blogging and Networking” by Connie Mace

What is a blog and do I really need one? Where do I begin and will anyone care? “Basic-Bare-bones Blogging and Networking” will help you answer these questions.

We will delve into “Not so Magnificient Obsessions,” “‘Branding and domains: not just for cattle ranches,” and more.

For the outline handout, click here.

For the example handout, click here.

To order CD’s for conference workshops, click here.

(cattle ranch photo source)

Connie Mace has been “blogservant” for NCWA since 2010. The best part of her role is helping NCWA members along on their writing journey. A close second is receiving guest posts from agents and editors who always answer requests promptly and have yet to dismiss her emails to the slush pile. Visit her website at: www.conniemace.com (re-directs to her current abode)

Connie’s picture book character, Miss Mini Minnie has her own facebook/twitter accounts and a website at: http://www.miniminnie.com/


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