2012 Workshops Revisited: “Whose Point of View Is It Anyway?” By Lynnette Bonner and Lesley McDaniel

Missed a workshop at the conference? Lost your handouts? We’re here to help!

NCWA will highlight 2012 Renewal Conference workshops with links to handouts (pdf) and ordering the CD’s.


Understanding point of view is crucial to creating a good story. Laugh and learn as we discuss the various points of view, practice how to write in them, and take a long hard look at deep 3rd person and its greatest strengths.

For the outline handout, click here.

To order CD’s for conference workshops, click here.


Lynnette Bonner is the daughter of missionaries, was born and raised in Malawi, Africa, graduated high school from Rift Valley Academy, a boarding school in Kenya, and attended Northwest University in Washington. Her first book, Rocky Mountain Oasis, released from OakTara in 2009 and has since been reissued as a second edition. Her second book, High Desert Haven has just been released. Lynnette works in the office of a local Christian school, enjoys chocolate of any kind and watching her kids play sports. Click here for her website.

Lesley McDaniel juggles a career in theatrical costuming with writing women’s and young adult fiction. She also dabbles in entrepreneurial pursuits and home schools her two daughters. In her spare time (ha!), she chips away at her goal of reading every book ever written. Click here for her website.


Winners of the  “Polish up Your Elevator Pitch” contest are:

Grand Prize winner of  a $25 emailed gift card from Amazon:

A stranger wants to share her future; a man from her past wants to make sure she doesn’t have one. WIP unpublished manuscript, submitted by Sherri Stone

2nd Prize winner of a $10 Starbucks e-gift card:

Our culture values consumption with an insatiable appetite. There is One who can quench our cravings but where is He?  Constantly Craving: How to Make Sense of Always Wanting More by Marilyn Meberg. Submitted by Robin Roste

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