2012 Workshops Revisited: “You Could Win: Contests for Writers and how to Win Them” by Carolyn Meagher

Missed a workshop at the conference? Lost your handouts? We’re here to help!

NCWA will highlight 2012 Renewal Conference workshops with links to handouts (pdf) and ordering the CD’s.


Why enter writing contests? Well, you could win–which is the biggest reason for entering any contest. In the last four or five years, with the expansion of the internet, writing contests are becoming more popular and an additional way to get recognized and published.

Contests offer the challenge of focusing on a piece that requires a deadline and require the discipline of following all the rules. Many will provide  a critique or feedback even if you don’t win. Winning gives recognition and greater visibility to your work.

Publishers, agents, and editors are often contest judges and are alert to contest winners. Check the handout for major writing contest data sites, requirement checklists, and scam alerts. Then choose your contest, enter–and let me know when you win!

For the outline handout, click here.

To order CD’s for conference workshops, click here.


Carolyn F. Meagher is the author of “Carolyn’s Corner. . .Contests and Other Gleanings for Writers” in Northwest Christian Author and The Ozarks Chapter of ACW Newsletter. She’s been published in Guideposts Magazine, Mature Years, The Secret Place, HomeLife, The Karitos Review 2001 and other periodicals. She’s also the author of Seasoned with Love: Heart-Healthy Recipes and Reflections about Food, Family, Friends, and Faith. She’d love to hear about your experience with contests.

© 2012 Carolyn F. Meagher (carolynmeagher@yahoo.com)

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