Why You Need an eReader

NCWA blog welcomes Kim Vandel!


At the NCWA Writers Renewal this May, Sandra Bishop of MacGregor Literary challenged attendees to purchase an eReader if they didn’t have one yet. She pointed out that the publishing industry is going digital whether we like it or not. But if you’re still not convinced you need an eReader, let me give you a few more reasons to consider one.

  • You don’t actually have to buy an eReader! Nook, Kindle, and Kobo offer free reading apps for your computer or mobile device. Another option is Adobe Digital Editions. OverDrive is a free reading app that will let you borrow eBooks from the library.
  • You can highlight text, bookmark pages, and even make notes, and you can delete them just as easily if you change your mind. You can look up the definition of a word or search the book for a particular word or phrase. You can also explore a link such as the author’s website directly from an eBook.
  • In general, eBooks are less expensive than print books, and sometimes they’re even free. That may change in the future, but for now readers can get more for less.
  • eBooks don’t take up space on your bookshelf, and you don’t have to store them on your device if you don’t want to. You can “archive” or store books online and download them again whenever you want.
  • You can have an eBook in less than a minute. No running out to the bookstore or waiting for a book to be shipped to your home.
  • Amazon’s Kindle cloud reader will automatically sync your computer to other devices like your phone. You can read a book no matter where you are, and you don’t have to remember what page you were on. The app does the remembering for you.
  • eReaders aren’t just about books. Many newspapers and periodicals are available in electronic format.

eReaders are designed to get people buying and reading books, and that will benefit writers in the end. If you haven’t done it yet, you owe it to yourself as both a writer and a reader to take a closer look at the world of eBooks.


Free Nook Apps          Free Kindle Apps         Free Kobo Apps

Adobe Digital Editions  OverDrive Media Console


Kim Vandel is an aspiring Young Adult author and part of the NCWA social media team. She owns a Nook, uses OverDrive on a regular basis, and has a Kindle app for both her computer and her phone. You can find her at www.kimvandel.com


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