Writers, Readers & Book Reviews

These are small sample of numerous books written by our own NCWA writers. Have you read any of them? Consider writing a book review!


NCWA’s Lydia Harris, in her article “Break Into Print With Book Reviews” (in 2004 edition of The Write Start) stated:

Since reading takes more time than writing reviews (except for children’s picture books), write several reviews for each book. Multiple marketing allowed me to publish 55 reviews in eight different periodicals by reading 28 books. I published reviews of When Mothers Pray in five magazines, each slanted for the audience and magazine’s guidelines. Guidelines also indicate how to submit reviews. Many markets accept e-mail reviews; others prefer hard copies or disks.

Once you’ve found your markets, chosen your books, and written your reviews, you’re well on your way to publication. I agree with the seasoned author who told me: ‘Writing book reviews is a good way to break into print.’

(Lydia Harris is the author of Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting.)


Charles Ray at “Writinghood” in his post “The Writing Life: Breaking Into Print with Book Reviews” wrote:

Writing book reviews is a good way to get your name into print. The pay is low; usually you only get to keep the books you review; but it’s a good way to build a clipping file and get your name in front of editors and the reading public.

Click here to read more.
Do you blog? Bloggers are readers! Never before have there been so many choices for books. Books in print,  ebooks, Kindles, Nooks, Kobo, GoogleBooks and even iTunes, the choices seem to be growing by the day.Some are wonderful reading! Some not so great. And some….well… one wonders what the author was thinking.Here’s where you can have an impact! There’s a new book review community especially for bloggers; Blogger’s Choice Book Reviews. Check out the guidelines and opportunities for free books!

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