Rise and Fall of Reading Formats

classicsLove the look, feel and scent of books that you can curl up with while relaxing or waiting for an appointment? As an avid reader, I try to remember to take reading material when I leave the house, in case I have to wait during an errand.

Forgetting to take a book or magazine may result in a mild panic attack when I realize the only thing to read is the sample brochure on the waiting table.

I’m also a fan of audiobooks as a way of multi-tasking. Listen while driving, exercising, or other daily activities.  If you haven’t researched alternate book formats lately, some surprises await!

The old name and format was “Books on Tape,” but audiobooks have evolved into CDs or can now be downloaded on-line from a number of sites, including your local library for free.

Libraries usually have a waiting list for newer titles and audiobooks are no exception, even those that are downloaded from the virtual airwaves to your computer, e-reader, or compatible digital device.

To purchase and keep an audiobook in digital format, know that classics can be downloaded for free from some sites (search “audiobooks”) but newer books usually have to be purchased just like “regular” books.  Amazon offers Audible.com with a nominal monthly fee, but has a good introductory sale for joining.

Wondering which other reading trends are on the rise and which are in decline?

Thomas Umstattd over at Author Media has compiled a list of predictions from wise experts in the publishing world.

Click here to read the predictions.


2 thoughts on “Rise and Fall of Reading Formats

  1. I didn’t think I would like reading on an electronic gadget, but reluctantly added a Kindle app to my notebook computer and my Surface. I actually enjoy using it. Besides, I find a lot of free books and never lose my place….


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