Cursive Writing: Obsolete?

cursive writing picIn this age of computers, digital formatting and fonts which change with a click of the keys, will cursive writing fade out of use, along with inkwells and parchment?

Although many schools voluntarily teach the skill as part of their curriculum, a bill has been introduced in Indiana to make cursive writing mandatory in the schools.

“State Sen. Jean Leising introduced a bill to the Senate Education Committee Wednesday afternoon to make cursive writing a mandatory part of school curriculum.”  Click here to read the recent article from

What do you think? Is cursive here to stay? Should it be mandated or voluntarily taught?
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One thought on “Cursive Writing: Obsolete?

  1. As a homeschooling mom, I always make my grumbling children learn cursive. A legal signature is still in cursive and the older generations always write in cursive. I think it also improves fine motor skills, patience and diligence. I kinda’ have a feeling they might thank me some day?!?!?


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