February NCWA Meeting Highlights

Tony MarinoTony Marino challenged NCWA with “So You Wrote a Book – Now What?”

He said there are three things we could do:

1) Hope someone sells your book for you.

2) Try to market your book yourself.

3) Do nothing and Panic!

Throughout his presentations, Tony gave NCWA lots of straightforward tips and solutions to help promote our writing.

(photo courtesy of Karen Robbins)


Tony Marino is a husband and father and is the founder of Christian Discipleship Ministries International, Christian Times Online, and Trinity Web Works. He is the founder and Executive Producer of the Alive In Christ Radio Network. 

He has represented acclaimed authors Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, James Robison, Dr. James Dobson, Ted Nicholas, Jerry Jenkins, Luis Palau, Beth Moore, and Joyce Meyer.

 Tony proudly and honorably served in the U.S. Navy and is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Colorado Technical University and an inductee into the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business, Management, and Administration. He has actively and passionately served the body of Christ for over 15 years as a worldwide evangelist, teacher, discipler, author, Christian music artist, international business and marketing consultant, and as an international Christian radio program host and Executive Producer. www.trinitywebworks.com


Amy Letinsky picIn the “Write Start,” Amy Letinsky shared her expertise regarding logical fallacies: Red Herring, Hasty Generalization, Non Sequitur, Faulty Cause and Effect, False Analogy, Oversimplification, Either/Or Reasoning, Begging the Question and Straw Man. Click here for Amy’s website.


Michelle Hollomon presented the devotional about social anxiety disorder and systematic desensitization in order to Michelle Hollomon picface difficult situations little by little. Click here for Michelle’s website.


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