3 Reasons Evernote is the Perfect Writer’s Tool by Teresa Simon

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Teresa SimonWant to be a more organized writer? Read on for three reasons Evernote is a must-have in any writer’s tool chest.

1) Helps You Be a More Organized Writer 

What if you could take all your scribbled notes, ideas, and images related to your writing and put it in one digital place? With Evernote, you can. This free, digital application can store just about any type of data making it the perfect tool for organizing your writing life. You can use Evernote to compile research, draft blog posts and articles, track ideas for future projects, create book outlines and manage to-do lists. The possibilities are endless.

2)  Improves Writing Productivity

Since Evernote can be accessed from the web, your phone, tablet, PC or Mac, it enables vast productivity improvements. Inspiration tends to strike unannounced and not necessarily when you’re sitting at your computer. We all dream of huge blocks of uninterrupted writing time, but more often than not, writing ends up squeezed into the margins of everyday life.

Evernote solves this problem by integrating into the life you already have. You can start working on a draft of something in Evernote on your Mac at home, pick up where you left off using your PC during your work break, and then add some finishing touches to the piece using your iPhone or Android while waiting for your turn at the doctor’s office. Productivity!

3) Reduces the Risk of Misplacing or Losing Content

Evernote allows you to quickly find what you need when you need it. You can search by keyword, tag or even printed and handwritten text within images. It also syncs every few minutes wirelessly into “the cloud.”  This is a fancy way of saying that things you put into Evernote are automatically sent and stored securely on an Evernote machine outside your device. This is good news for those of us who tend to misplace sticky notes, lose our phones, spill things on our laptops and forget to back up our hard drives. Your data is safe even if your storage device isn’t.

Want to know more? Check out the Evernote website and attend my Evernote as a Writer’s Tool “Ask the Experts” session at the upcoming NCWA Writers Renewal Conference. During this session I will demo the application on a couple different devices and showcase its uses in writing. You will also have the opportunity to download the app on your own device and see for yourself how Evernote is the perfect writer’s tool.


Teresa Simon has worked for over a decade in management consulting and for Microsoft. She’s currently on hiatus with her young children and works as a freelance writer. Teresa has written for Focus on the Family and blogs about helping mothers connect faith with their everyday lives. She has been a member of NCWA since 2011. You can visit her at www.blessedwithanest.com.

One thought on “3 Reasons Evernote is the Perfect Writer’s Tool by Teresa Simon

  1. I agree! I use Evernote many times a day for writing, work, and personal business. As a writer I keep lists of ideas for articles, changes to the WIP, and follow up tasks. I write first drafts of blog posts or articles on Evernote. As Teresa says it’s accessible from anywhere. I can start it at work, finish it on the train, and then edit it at home on different platforms. It’s not suitable for the final draft–but it’s an excellent tool to get all the words together and ready for the final touches.


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