March NCWA Meeting Highlights

DSC_2254At NCWA’s meeting on March4th, Caleb Breakey challenged NCWA to “Beat Resistance and Write Like Crazy.”

“It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down.” Why persist?

-Your experiences are linked to others.

-Writing is a Heavenly calling.

-Spiritual warfare is real.

Caleb said “Resistance will be all over you” and he presented strategies to overcome this hurdle.


Caleb Jennings Breakey is an ACFW Genesis Winner (Speculative Fiction), visionary, and author of two books with Harvest House Publishers Following Jesus without Leaving the Church, September 2013; Falling in Love without Falling on Your Face, January 2014). He teaches at conferences throughout the country, and likes to explore the how of following Jesus, healing the church, and glorifying God. Check him out on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.


In the “Christian Writers’ Coach” session (formerly “Write Start”) Sarah Gunning Moser presented “Five Best Friends of Christian Writers.”

1) JESUSDSC_2235

2) The Bible

3) Strong’s Concordance

4) Dictionary

5) 1828 reprint of Webster’s Dictionary

Click here for Sarah’s website.


DSC_2222In the Devotional, Jeanie Killion presented writerly attributes of G.R.A.C.E.:

G -Gift (writing)

R- Redeemed, Rescued

A – Anointed

C – Courage

E – Endurance

Click here for Jeanie’s website.

NCWA’s meeting are held the first Monday of each month from September through June. Click here for details.

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