Going to the NCWA Renewal Conference??

confbutton1Going to the NCWA Writers Renewal Conference? Click on the picture for more conference info.

Let’s review some helpful posts from the archives:




Top Ten Reasons to Attend a Writers Conference! By Edie Melson

“Personally, I’ve been attending large conferences for years. And as my experience level has increased so have the benefits from attending. Here are my top ten reasons to attend a writer’s conference this year…”

Why You Need to Come to the NW Christian Writers Renewal by Mick Silva

“I first got myself invited to the NCWA conference several years ago by calling up Clint Kelly and begging  him to let me come. It’s never all that difficult for acquisitions editors to get invited to writers conferences, so I figured I’d get a yes. He seemed agreeable, so I brought a recycled class to teach and figured I’d let people show up when I got there. I was pretty proud of myself, and new to the whole editing and publishing game, and I didn’t realize this was a different kind of conference…”



Prepare for a Writers’ Conference by Edie Melson.

“Networking is the easiest to prepare for. If you’re just going to meet other writers and professionals the main thing you need is a good business card. Please take note, I said, good, NOT expensive…”


Four Keys to Your Conference Preparation By W. Terry Whalin

“I love writers’ conferences. It’s a grand idea haven to talk shop and learn from other writers. If you want to succeed in the writing business, I’ve got four keys to enhance your conference experience…”


Preparing Your Conference Notebook by Gina Conroy

“There’s nothing worse than waiting in line for your editor or agent appoint wondering about the unknown…nothing worse except walking into that meeting unprepared and the editor or agent asks to see your One Sheet or your first chapter, and you fumble through your papers to find it or worse, don’t have anything to offer…”


Pat the Conferee by Sandra Bishop

“If Pat’s a guy, the first thing he does when he walks into a writer’s conference is notice that he’s outnumbered and locate the most out-of-the-way men’s room, knowing that all the others may already be sporting signs indicating he’s temporarily not welcome…”


What to Expect From Your Agent Appointment by Blythe Daniel

“One of the great tools that you have as a writer is the setting of a writer’s conference to hone your publishing skills and show an editor or agent your writing style with your well-developed ideas for your next (or first) book…”


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