Author Branding Doesn’t Have to Make You Pull Out Your Hair (Free Gift and Special Bonus Offer) By TriLink Social Media Mentors

Janalyn Voigt and Melissa K. Norris will be conducting two workshops at NCWA’s Renewal Conference. See end of post for details.


 Janalyn, Melissa pixWhat is your author brand? Do you have a tagline?

Chances are if you’re a writer, you’ve heard these questions. You can avoid answering them, but here’s the catch; whether or not you’re trying to build a brand, if you have a website or are active on social media, you’re creating one. With each communication you brand yourself. Even when you don’t understand branding, others interpret you based on what they see. Subtly directing impressions of who you are and what you offer is both possible and important.

At TriLink, we make social media use simple for authors. We help you understand and create your brand. A tagline is not a brand. Your tagline is what you develop from your brand.

We’ll teach two workshops this May at Northwest Christian Writers Renewal. In addition to our workshops, we’re also offering private half-hour branding, platform, or social media consultations. If you sign up before May 1st, 2013 you’ll receive your choice of a social page or website critique as an added bonus. To sign up, click the last button on the right side bar at

Limited slots are available, so reserve your place now for an appointment at the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal Conference May 17-18th, 2013

Want to develop your author brand the right way? We’ve got a free author branding workbook, to claim your copy, go to our Trilink website.


Janalyn and Melissa will be conducting two workshops at NCWA’s Renewal Conference: “How to Wow an Agent (Author’s View)” and “Success Through Social Media.” Click conference button on right-hand sidebar for details.


Janalyn Voigt has spoken for the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association and Salvation Army. Tales of Faeraven, Janalyn’s fantasy series, will release with Harbourlight Books. Publication credits: Focus on the Family, Scripture Press, Pentecostal Evangel; Agency: Wordserve Literary; Affiliations: ACFW, NCWA member since 2008. Click here for her personal website.

Melissa K. Norris has spoken for Concrete Assembly of God Ladies Night and the Upper Skagit Women’s Retreat. She writes a monthly column, Pioneering Today, for the Concrete Herald. Publication credits: Concrete Herald, Northwest Christian Writers’ Association; Newsletter Agency: Wordserve Literary. Affiliations: ACFW, NCWA member since 2010. Click here for her personal website.


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