IRON SHARPENS IRON: HOW TO FIND YOUR ‘WRITE’ CRITIQUE PARTNER by Kat Albrecht and Sarah Gunning Moser/Giveaway Ticket Event!

Kat Albrecht and Sarah Gunning Moser will be conducting this workshop at NCWA’s Renewal Conference.  Click the conference button on right-hand sidebar for details. Giveaway ticket event: see end of post.


Iron Sharpens IronProverbs 27:17:

 As iron sharpens iron,
So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.


To critique or not critique – that is the question! Many writers hear about critique partners, but often don’t know what that means. Not only is the term confusing, but so is the process.

Do you wonder if this applies to you? Are you seeking a critique partner?  Are you reluctant to look?  Does it seem too personal somehow?

This workshop will help you begin your journey to find your “write” critique partner.

Join us as we explore the following:

  • How is a critique partner beneficial to me?
  • Can a critique partner improve my writing?
  • Are critique partners and critique groups the same thing?
  • What should my partner be and not be?
  • How can I know when I find the right one?
  • Must I protect myself and my writing in a critique partnership?

No physical formula exists to do this, yet Scripture gives us instructions for such a relationship.  In this workshop you will learn to lean on the Holy Spirit during your search, find who it is God has in mind for you, and discover how to please God in doing so. Take part in hands-on exercises to begin the journey of discovery for God’s will.

When searching for the right critique partner, it is natural to rely upon your own human thoughts and reasoning. It is also natural to be concerned about picking the wrong person. However, dying to your flesh and taking your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ, as the Word encourages us to do, will lay a foundation for God to lead you to the right person.

A critique partner who can encourage you and help refine your work will be a blessing to your ministry. Not every Christian writer will have a supernatural experience in finding their critique partner like we had. There are many ways God can and will lead you to the right partner or lead that partner to you.

Have you asked God for a critique partner? If not, we encourage you to come to our workshop, hear our story, and let us show you how to seek and believe God for a critique partner who can be a blessing to your life and your ministry.

Finding your partner will probably happen when you least expect it as you apply the principles taught.  Handouts and in-class exercises included.


Giveaway ticket event:  Dessert at “An Evening with Jane Kirkpatrick.”  Kirkpatrick will speak on “Finding Home.” The event includes gourmet dessert and book signing. Friday, May 17 at 7-8 p.m. Part of the conference but available separately for $10 at the door. For more information:  . To enter giveaway:

1)Simply leave a comment

2) Send me your email address to before midnight, May 5th. Winner will be chosen at random.

Kat Albrecht_ (1)Kat Albrecht is a police detective-turned-pet detective and founder of Missing Pet Partnership, a national nonprofit organization. In 2005, Kat launched the first-ever pet detective academy to train pet detectives from around the world. Kat is a professional speaker who uses her unique story to inspire teens and women to seek God’s presence.  The author of two books, The Lost Pet Chronicles, and Dog Detectives: Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets, she is currently crafting a YA mystery with the help of Sarah Moser, her critique partner. Click here for Kat’s website. She has been an NCWA member since 2010.


Sarah Gunning Moser Headshot # 2, March 2011Sarah Gunning Moser writes nonfiction articles, personal essays, and maintains a blog on the English language and teaching. Her current WIP include a cozy mystery set in Seattle and a high school English curriculum. An Endorsed Trainer for the internationally-known Spell to Write and Read program, Sarah specializes in reading instruction and remediation for grades K-12. Sarah trains adults to teach English in the historic, scientific way originally taught in the United States, and is a professional speaker and seminar leader whose dream is to see America’s former literacy level restored. Click here for Sarah’s website. She has been an NCWA member since 2010.


3 thoughts on “IRON SHARPENS IRON: HOW TO FIND YOUR ‘WRITE’ CRITIQUE PARTNER by Kat Albrecht and Sarah Gunning Moser/Giveaway Ticket Event!

  1. I’ve been greatly blessed by my writing critique partners (Lydia Harris and Mindy Peltier). They provide me with honest feedback, marketing ideas, as well as a true sense of what I’ve actually written. Sometimes that’s different than what I thought I’ve written! 😉 At first I was discouraged because it felt as though my writing was going “under the knife.” But sometimes the cancer has to be cut out so that the abundant life can flow. Now I realize that feedback is a gift of life.


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