How to Wow an Agent By TriLink Social Media Mentors

Janalyn Voigt and Melissa K. Norris will be conducting two workshops at NCWA’s Renewal Conference. See end of post for details.


Janalyn, Melissa pixPublishing houses won’t look at a manuscript unless it comes from a respected literary agency, so when choosing the traditional publishing route, an author needs an agent. However,  the process of finding one can seem baffling,  scary, and downright impossible.

It doesn’t have to be any of those things. For the sake of this article, we’ll assume you’ve mastered your craft; and have a fine-tuned complete manuscript ready to submit.

Other than your amazing finished and polished book, these are the main elements you’ll need in order to wow an agent.

  1.  Stellar query letter. It’s important to present both yourself and your book on a single page that is as compelling as possible.
  2. Proposal. A proposal is what an agent will use to sell your book to a publishing house. By having one already written, you show your knowledge of how the publishing industry works and your readiness to be a part of it. The proposal you submit should be well thought out and can’t skimp on vital sections like comparable titles and marketing.
  3. Author platform. Agents and editors need to determine if you already have an engaged audience that will be able to help sell copies of your book.

In  How to Wow an Agent,  the class we’ll be teaching at NCWA Renewal Conference , we’ll go over tips and examples of what makes a stellar query letter, a great proposal, and an author platform. We’ll also teach you how to create a perspective agent list and what to do with it once you have these elements in place.


Janalyn and Melissa will be conducting two workshops at NCWA’s Renewal Conference: “How to Wow an Agent (Author’s View)” and “Success Through Social Media.” Click conference button on right-hand sidebar for details.


Click here for the TriLink Social Media website.

Janalyn Voigt has spoken for the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association and Salvation Army. Tales of Faeraven, Janalyn’s fantasy series, will release with Harbourlight Books. Publication credits: Focus on the Family, Scripture Press, Pentecostal Evangel; Agency: Wordserve Literary; Affiliations: ACFW, NCWA member since 2008. Click here for her personal website.

Melissa K. Norris has spoken for Concrete Assembly of God Ladies Night and the Upper Skagit Women’s Retreat. She writes a monthly column, Pioneering Today, for the Concrete Herald. Publication credits: Concrete Herald, Northwest Christian Writers’ Association; Newsletter Agency: Wordserve Literary. Affiliations: ACFW, NCWA member since 2010. Click here for her personal website.


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