Drinking from the (Social Media) Fire Hose? By TriLink Social Media Mentors, social media made simple

Janalyn Voigt and Melissa K. Norris will be conducting two workshops at NCWA’s Renewal Conference. See end of post for details.


Janalyn, Melissa pixTo be social media savvy these days a writer needs all the skill of a one-man band. You link, update, tweet, post, and pin while simultaneously connecting, networking, interacting and engaging. You search your soul and what’s trending for relevant topics, then tally hits, visits, views, friends, followers, likes, pluses, comments, and shares. Life blurs by in a constant stream of minutia as the dishes pile up and the lawn grows shaggy. Your physical and virtual inboxes groan under the weight of mail. The chair beneath you groans under another kind of weight. People you vaguely recognize as your family walk around in the background. You feel like the poster child for the information age.

Or maybe you’re confused about where to start. The water seems mighty chilly in the social media pool. Or should we say pools? It’s hard to know where to dip your toe, and you have an uneasy suspicion you’re supposed to be everywhere at once. Other writers seem to have it figured out, but thinking about developing a social media platform makes you want to get back into bed and pull the covers over your head.

Information paralysis can keep you running inside a virtual hamster wheel or stop you in your tracks. You might press into the overwhelming workload it creates or simply give up. Either way, creating a social media management plan can help you focus. To learn more about your options, attend our “Success Through Social Media” workshop at the NCWA Renewal Conference. If you’d like more advice, you can also sign up for a half-hour social media consultation with us at the Renewal conference. A limited number of slots are available, so we suggest you sign up in advance at our website.

Attempting to be everywhere on social media is as ineffective as trying to drink from a fire hose. Instead, determine how and where to focus your energies by taking the following steps:

  1. Know your brand. Presenting yourself as an author begins and ends with branding. If you need to work on this area, download the free Author Branding Workbook at our website and fill out the self-questionnaire.
  2. Know your goals. Having an idea of what you want out of involvement in social media means less time networking in ways that don’t further your goals.
  3. Identify where your target audience hangs out. Social sites draw different crowds. Research to understand where your specific readers gather online.
  4. Know your limitations. Decide how much time you can set aside for social networking, and then determine the social sites in which to invest. Don’t overextend yourself. It’s better to be fully present at one social site than to flit from site to site like a bee gathering nectar.    

Remember that being social media savvy doesn’t have to equal being overwhelmed and overworked. You can and should control how much time you spend on social media.


Janalyn and Melissa will be conducting two workshops at NCWA’s Renewal Conference: “How to Wow an Agent (Author’s View)” and “Success Through Social Media.” Click conference button on right-hand sidebar for details.


Click here for the TriLink Social Media website.

Janalyn Voigt has spoken for the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association and Salvation Army. Tales of Faeraven, Janalyn’s fantasy series, will release with Harbourlight Books. Publication credits: Focus on the Family, Scripture Press, Pentecostal Evangel; Agency: Wordserve Literary; Affiliations: ACFW, NCWA member since 2008. Click here for her personal website.

Melissa K. Norris has spoken for Concrete Assembly of God Ladies Night and the Upper Skagit Women’s Retreat. She writes a monthly column, Pioneering Today, for the Concrete Herald. Publication credits: Concrete Herald, Northwest Christian Writers’ Association; Newsletter Agency: Wordserve Literary. Affiliations: ACFW, NCWA member since 2010. Click here for her personal website.


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