2013 Workshops Revisited: “Putting Duct Tape on the Harpies” by Jane Kirkpatrick

Missed a workshop at the conference? Lost your handouts? We’re here to help!
Jane Kirkpatrick1Nothing keeps writers from pursuing their goals like harpies who sit behind us saying, “Who told you that you could write?” or “What makes you think your book will get published?” Jane offers a practical way of silencing those negative voices and exchanging their demeaning words for inspiring ones to keep us moving toward our writing goals.
Click here to view Jane’s handout “Hearth of Our Hearts – Seven Thoughts That Hold us Hostage and How We Can Transform Them”
and click here to view “Harpies Handout.”
To order CD’s for 2013 conference workshops, click here.
Jane Kirkpatrick is internationally recognized for her 20 published books, 17 of which are historical and often set in the American West. Several of those books have been Book of the Month and Literary Guild selections. Click here to visit her website.

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