If They Asked Me, I Could Write a Song by Marty Nystrom

martyMarty Nystrom, song writer, author and artist, was guest speaker at NCWA’s June meeting. He also led worship at NCWA’s Renewal Conference! “As the Deer” is probably Marty’s most well known song.


Click here to view the “Lyric Writing” power point.

Take a few minutes to watch this interview between NCWA’s Dennis Brooke and Marty Nystrom.


Marty is a married father of two sons and lives in the Seattle area. He has a degree in music education and has taught music in a wide variety of settings. He has written over 120 songs that have been released by publishers of Christian praise and worship music. His best known song is the worship chorus, “As the Deer.”

In 2006 Standard Publishing released his collection of humorous poems entitled “Don’t Mess With Moses!” It was illustrated by veteran artist Steve Bjorkman. He has just completed a sequel to the book and hopes it will soon be in print.

The purpose of his two books is to pique kids’ curiosity in the Bible and to see it as interesting, exciting and well worth reading!

Click here  to visit Marty’s blog.

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