2013 Workshops Revisited: Iron Sharpens Iron by Kat Albrecht & Sarah Moser

Missed a workshop at the conference? Lost your handouts? We’re here to help!
Iron Sharpens IronAt NCWA’s recent Renewal Conference,  Kat Albrecht and Sarah Moser conducted the workshop: “Iron Sharpens Iron–Finding the Critique Partner With the Right Stuff.”

Click here for Handout 1 – “What I Want in a Critque Partner.”

Click here for Handout 2 – “What I Don’t Want in a Critique Partner.”

Click here to order CDs from the conference.


Kat Albrecht_ (1)Kat Albrecht is a police detective-turned-pet detective and founder of Missing Pet Partnership, a national nonprofit organization. In 2005, Kat launched the first-ever pet detective academy to train pet detectives from around the world. Kat is a professional speaker who uses her unique story to inspire teens and women to seek God’s presence.  The author of two books, The Lost Pet Chronicles, and Dog Detectives: Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets, she is currently crafting a YA mystery with the help of Sarah Moser, her critique partner. Click here for Kat’s website. She has been an NCWA member since 2010.


Sarah Gunning Moser Headshot # 2, March 2011Sarah Gunning Moser writes nonfiction articles, personal essays, and maintains a blog on the English language and teaching. Her current WIP include a cozy mystery set in Seattle and a high school English curriculum. An Endorsed Trainer for the internationally-known Spell to Write and Read program, Sarah specializes in reading instruction and remediation for grades K-12. Sarah trains adults to teach English in the historic, scientific way originally taught in the United States, and is a professional speaker and seminar leader whose dream is to see America’s former literacy level restored. Click here for Sarah’s website. She has been an NCWA member since 2010.

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