2013 Conference Reflection by Sue Hitchman on: “Become a Prolific Writer & Write Less” by Terry Whalin

Sue Hitchman shares her NCWA Renewal conference experience after attending Terry Whalin’s workshop.


Susan HitchmanDriving home to Canada from the NCWA Writer’s Conference, I indulged in an ice cream cone from Edaleen Dairy just before crossing the border: a scoop each of fudgy-wudgy and praline pecan nestled in a crisp waffle cone.  It made me think of Terry Whalin’s workshop, “Become a Prolific writer & Write Less.”

Whalin described “repurposing” as “getting more mileage out of what you’ve written.”  Quoting sobering statistics, Whalin observed that few published authors will see their book(s) sell more than one million copies; more than 600,000 titles will sell less than 100 copies. How does the average writer become prolific?

At last your book has been freshly published. End of story, right?  Think of this, said Whalin, not as an end but as the first of several steps to “increase your own tribe” (credit to Seth Godin for the phrase). With the core work complete, the non-fiction book has potential to be expanded into something more: a cd audio book/course is a good first step in repurposing; a hard copy 3-ring binder course could follow. Next, a set of teaching DVDs could broaden the scope of its usage. Further, an online e-course could be developed. I observed that even a writers’ conference workshop on repurposing further expands the original endeavor.

In addition, Whalin remarked that active marketing is essential to successfully repurpose any published work: blogging, e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are useful. Whalin also suggested tiering products at varying prices to be accessible to all.

It’s a bit like my waffle cone. A single scoop is delicious, but why stop there? With very little further effort, the original cone can blossom into so much more with every added scoop: more flavor, variety of texture, a longer-lasting experience.  As Whalin suggested, repurposing will do the same for your written and published work.

Terry Whalin’s List of Resources for Repurposing:

Product Creation: www.speakerfulfillmentservices.com

Teleseminars: www.myinstanttelewebcast.com

Shopping Cart: www.mywebmarketingmagic.com

SmartAddOn: www.smartaddon.com


Sue Hitchman is a new member of NCWA (2013). She seeks to integrate the adventure of following Christ with her roles as wife, mother of five, and women’s Bible study and prayer group co-leader. Sue writes to encourage others in their journey of faith in God. 

Click here to visit her blog.

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