Promote a Writers Conference with a Blog Button

As a kid, I counted the days until Christmas.  As an adult, I count the days until our writers conference, the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal.

52 more days!

In the very early years of advertising the conference,  the traditional plan was to buy mailing lists, buy newspaper ad(s), and hang up fliers on bulletin boards.  This worked  until people started seeking information through social media.  Most of the writers in our group grew up before computers, but we adjusted to the times.

Conference Brochure 2014

The front page of our brochure highlights keynoter T. Davis Bunn, a Writer In Residence at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University, and a prolific writer.  We want to spread the word so other writers can take advantage of this great opportunity.

blog button 2

Board member Kim Vandel created a blog button using the graphics from our brochure.  Blog buttons started out as just that – a small graphic, or button, with the logo of a blog used to brand and advertise a blog.  Usage has expanded beyond blogs, but the name remains.

When you add a text box and a headline to your blog button, it becomes a pinnable graphic for Pinterest.

Branding is a word tossed around a lot in a writer’s world and can be confusing to everybody except non-reading children.  They identify their favorite products and restaurants by logos.

Familiarity. Recognition. You see a smaller portion and identify it with the larger portion.

blog button copy xsmall

The buttons were made  available to Northwest Christian Writers Association members and conference registrants to share in their social media circles.

  • blog sidebar
  • website
  • email signature
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest(Hyperlinked words lead you to social media sites of NCWA.)blog button copyThe buttons are hyperlinked to the website so anybody that’s interested clicks the graphic to find the Renewal website. After they register, prepare their pitch and proposal, match their writing to the needs of the correct editor or agent,  they’ll attend, pitch, get published, become famous, and buy a yacht.

    Just kidding.  You knew that, right?

    Even though it’s a great dream, it won’t happen that fast.  But, the first step is definitely clicking the blog button.

blog button copyblog button copy xsmall

These blog buttons have a URL so they can be uploaded to a blog sidebar.  In WordPress go to WIDGETS > IMAGE.

Click on the blog button above you want to get the URL you need for the next step.

blog button tutorial

Drop it in the field that says IMAGE URL.


Here’s the cool part.

When you put the URL for the Renewal website in the bottom line, the button on your blog sidebar drives traffic to the website.  Ya’ know, so they can register for the conference, get discovered, get rich, and buy that yacht?

Now you have many ways to use these blog buttons to spread the word about the amazing Davis Bunn coming to our Northwest Christian Writers Renewal.

And you still have 52 days to do this…


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