A Dozen Surprising Facts about Doc Hensley

By Diana Savage, director of the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal conference

Perhaps you already know that Dr. Dennis E. Hensley is the author of 60 books.

You may have heard that his more than 3,500 articles and short stories have appeared in Reader’s Digest, Parade Magazine, USA Today, Vital Christianity, and many other periodicals, too numerous to mention.

DocWithCokeCaptionedIt’s common knowledge that he holds a PhD in literature and linguistics from Ball State University and directs the professional writing major at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

But are you aware of these 12 facts?

  1. Doc’s best friend is Jerry B. Jenkins, author of the wildly successful Left Behind series of novels.
  1. Dr. Hensley has written more than 1,800 radio scripts for the Fresh Perspectives daily devotional radio show on WBCL-FM, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  1. Doc Hensley loves jokes and cartoons. Whenever he runs across a new cartoon or amusing quote regarding grammar or the writing life, he posts a print of it on his Taylor University office door for his students to enjoy.
  1. When he left Detroit for his tour of duty in Vietnam as a chaplain’s bodyguard, the temperature was 3 degrees. A few days later, when he landed near Saigon on January 2, 1971, it was 103 degrees.
  1. Nearly all of Dr. Dennis E. Hensley’s book coauthors have been women: Holly G. Miller, Pamela Rice Hahn, Rose A. Adkins, and Diana Savage. The one exception is a 1984 writing textbook he coauthored with Stanley Field.
  1. In his fiction works—including the recently released inspirational suspense novel, Pseudonym, that he coauthored with Diana Savage—Doc often names supporting characters after friends and family members.
  1. Dr. Hensley is a film aficionado and can tell you the plot and interesting quips from a wide variety of motion pictures.
  1. An excellent guitarist in his younger years, Doc formed his own rock-n-roll band in high school. Later he was a staff writer for Guitar Player magazine for 6 years and did freelance writing for Country Music, Downbeat, Stereo, and Music City News.

           Tweet Did you know Doc Hensley is a former Rock Star?

  1. One of the songs Dr. Hensley has written, “Jesus Is the Same as He Was Back Then,” has been recorded by 8 different musical groups.
  1. Growing up, his nickname was “Butch.” His brother and sister still call him that.
  1. Convinced of the importance of keeping one’s shoes polished, he motivated his young son in that discipline by polishing one of his son’s shoes and placing it next to the unpolished one. Doc reasoned that his boy wouldn’t be able to wear a pair of shoes only half polished and would finish the job himself. The ploy worked.
  1. Dr. Hensley is recognized as an authority on 20th-century author Jack London and has given guest lectures on the famous author at 22 colleges worldwide. Doc’s writings about Jack London include his PhD dissertation, dozens of scholarly articles, and two textbooks:
  • ­ The Annotated Edition of Jack London’s Martin Eden
  • ­ Jack London’s Masterplots

Doc Hensley’s reputation as a conference presenter is legendary. “I’ve heard Dennis Hensley speak at various writers conferences for the past 25 years,” says Sally E. Stuart, founder of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide. “No one is more informative, entertaining, focused, or knowledgeable about writing than he is. Anyone privileged enough to study under him is bound to become successful at writing.”

Attendees at other conferences agree:

­ “Doc Hensley was outstanding! Examples were riveting and memorable. Hearing him was a rare treat.”

­ “Wow! What a powerful presentation. I enjoyed learning so much from him.”

­ “Great presenter. Held my attention. Engaging and knowledgeable and great advice.”

Now you have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Hensley at the 2016 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, an information-packed two-day conference in Bellevue, WA. You’ll be supercharged by hope as Doc shares his vast knowledge learned through decades of writing professionally.

TweetDoes your writing life need to be supercharged? Let Doc Hensley inspire May 13-14 at the @NWCWriters Conference in Bellevue, WA

Conference registration is now open. Be sure to sign up and let Doc Hensley guide you to your next level of writing success.

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DianaSavageDiana Savage, a graduate of Northwest University and Bakke Graduate University, sold her first article when she was still in college, and she’s been writing ever since. Now the principal at Savage Creative Services, LLC, she also directs the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal conference. She is the author of 52 Heart Lifters for Difficult Times and the coauthor—with Dr. Hensley—of the inspirational suspense novel Pseudonym.


One thought on “A Dozen Surprising Facts about Doc Hensley

  1. This isn’t surprising, but it is a fact. Doc is great at giving both the tools and inspiration to move you forward. Some people give you great info but no motivation. Others will fire you up–but leave you without direction. He does both.


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