Learn from Stephanie Rische How to Write Memoirs and Pitch Professionally

By Diana Savage, director of the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal conference

StephanieRischeStephanie Rische isn’t just senior editor of nonfiction books at Tyndale House Publishers. She’s also an author. Her latest book is the memoir I Was Blind (Dating), but Now I See.

Memoir writing can be tricky, especially when it comes to using the names of real people. For instance, Stephanie has four friends named Sarah, so in the book, she renamed three of them out of concern that readers “would need their Social Security numbers to keep them all straight.”

She adds, “I also changed a few details to protect the privacy of my blind dates, although I have done so with a mixed conscience, because in a few instances, these guys should not be at large on the dating field. Please date at your own discretion.”

At the 2016 Northwest Christian Writers Renewal, Stephanie will share her editing and memoir-writing expertise with conferees:

Telling the Story of Your Life-Telling the Story of Your Life: Memoir Writing – Have people urged you to write a book about a certain part of your past? Do you wonder if a particular era of your life should be put to paper before you die? In the past decade, memoir writing has soared in popularity, with many critics calling it the most relevant genre of our day. But where do you begin? How do you know what to include and what to leave out? How can you get beyond your feelings of vulnerability? And perhaps most significantly, should you wait until your mother dies before you write it? Drawing from her 13 years of experience editing memoirs at Tyndale House Publishers, as well as writing and publishing her own, Stephanie offers practical tips and tools to help you write a memoir of your own.

Stephanie will also be leading the Renewal’s Friday morning opening session with her address, “How to Make an Irresistible Pitch to Editors & Agents.” All conferees who wish to meet with an editorial representative are required to attend.

Stephanie comes to us highly recommended. Author Nancy Ortberg—a teaching pastor for eight years at Willow Creek Community Church—commends her for having “the courage to let us in to the parts of her world that most of us work hard to keep hidden.”

Popular blogger/author Sophie Hudson—AKA “BooMama”—calls Stephanie’s writing “funny, tender, and insightful.”

If you want to learn the finer points of writing memoirs and pitching proposals from someone with experience and transparency—and if you want to request an appointment with Stephanie or one of the other six editorial reps—register for the Renewal today!


Diana SavageDianaSavage, a graduate of Northwest University and Bakke Graduate University, sold her first article when she was still in college, and she’s been writing ever since. Now the principal at Savage Creative Services, LLC, she also directs the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal conference. She is the author of 52 Heart Lifters for Difficult Times and the coauthor—with Dr. Dennis E. Hensley—of the inspirational suspense novel Pseudonym.


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